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A treatment will usually last about an hour, although allow a little extra time if it is your first session.

You will remain fully clothed, lying on a treatment couch. If you are unable to lie down the treatment can be given in a sitting position, the main thing is for the recipient to be as comfortable as possible. There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki will pass through anything, even plaster casts. The whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms. Kerry will gently place her hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body or slightly above the body, usually starting the treatment at your head and shoulders. Reiki is drawn through the practitioner, and the recipient’s body will draw the energy to those parts of their body that require it. Your own body will decide how much to take, where to use it and how to use it. Your body will do the healing itself using the Reiki energy. A Reiki treatment raises the vibrational frequency of the recipient and clears blockages that disrupt the energy flow. Experience varies from session to session as the energy will be drawn to wherever it is most needed, and different people will have different experiences. A full treatment usually lasts 40 minutes to 1 hour with each position held for several minutes.

Typically, clients will feel deeply relaxed during the treatment and may drift off to sleep. You may feel heat or a tingling sensation and seeing colours as an indication that the energy is travelling through the body and if the healing is at an emotional level, you may feel a sense of release as the source of the problem is shifted. The energy will continue to move for around 24 hours after the treatment, you may feel tired after the time of treatment and you may have mild symptoms associated with detoxifying. It is advisable to drink plenty of water to aid this process. Some people do not feel these symptoms but feel energised, since it is primarily your own body doing the healing, Reiki will affect each person differently. Clients will usually feel peaceful, calm, grounded, refreshed and energised after a treatment.

Distant Reiki Treatment

The Distant Reiki practice involves sending Reiki healing energy from a distance (client's full name and town of residence is required). This can be done by having a photograph or if you haven't a photo to provide just the image or the name of the person in Kerry's mind is enough to send healing over distance. It is important to comprehend three laws: the universal law, the law of correspondence and the law of similarity. The universal law simply states that an attuned person can call upon the unseen and hidden energy forces around themselves to help them send healing to a certain individual. The law of correspondence states that all humans are connected in some shape or form, as we have all been originally created from the same source. The law of similarity states that an item of clothing, sound (of the name) smell or even a memory of a person that bears a resemblance to that person can be used for physics purposes to direct healing at that person. If your require more information, make a booking online or contact Kerry please go our contact page.

Reiki treatments have a marked and positive impact upon any number of adverse conditions, whether they are physical or emotional in origin. There are no contraindications associated with Reiki, and anyone may benefit from having a treatment. It also promotes relaxation and is an excellent treatment for stress relief. You do not need to be ill or distressed to benefit - regular Reiki treatments can help maintain a sense of balance and good health.

In Feb 1996 HRH Prince Charles, proposed the integrated Medicine initiative to encourage orthodox & complementary healthcare to work together within the NHS for the benefit of the British Public.

For more information contact Kerry Doohan at Reach Out To Reiki
on Tel: 07518 638613 or email: kdoohan@reachouttoreiki.com

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” Buddha

  • 'Our Vision' at Reach Out To Reiki

    We offer reiki healing to anyone that needs treatment.

  • Mikao Usui

    Dr. Mikao Usui is known as the "Sensei" of the Japanese art of hands-on Reiki healing. He is the originator of Reiki.

  • Benefits of Reiki

    There are many benefits of Reiki. Reiki is energy healing and is done by the laying on of hands.